Playing together in a non-abusive envrionment regardless of skill level.


Welcome to the DeathFrmAllRound Clan website!

We invite you to browse our website and to join us in warfare on any console.

Mission Statement

The members of the DfaR Clan shall endeavor to play on the same team whenever there are two or more members on line in the same game & console. Although we value individual accomplishment and advancement, our main goal is to play in a non-abusive manner that supports all members of our team so that we win whenever possible.

IF THE CURRENT GAME HAS A CLAN FEATURE/APP (None in BO3 yet) Each member of the DfaR Clan will, if possible, frequently check the APP to check Clan messages and to ensure that game play is focused on the Primary Target Node. If a member absolutely doesn’t play the assigned Primary Target game mode they will attempt to garner ‘wins’ in any other node the Clan is holding or close to holding.


How To Join Us

If you have already played with us and believe you want to join the DfaR clan, send a friend request to 'z1ceman' via your Xbox or an email to join@dfarclan.org with your gamertag and a note that you want to join DfaR.

Also, if you have a FaceBook account send your FB name (or link to your home page) to admin@dfarclan.org so an invitation to the DFAR FB group can be sent to you. This is where we coordinate most of our gaming sessions and general BS.

If you haven't played with us yet, join a game with one of the members listed on the 'Members' page. If you like our style of play and can handle the laid back atomosphere send a friend request as outlined above.

Latest News & Events

BO3 Clan Info

As far as we can tell there is no clan support for BO3 either in game or via an app. If official clan support becomes available in the future we will participate.